Shareable Configs

Shareable configs are configurations that you can use and extend from. They can be useful for using the same base configuration in all your projects or for basing your configuration from a well-known one.

To use a shareable config, you have to add it to your Solhint configuration:

  "extends": ["solhint:recommended", "protofire"]

This example shows the two kind of shareable configs that you can use: the ones included with Solhint, that start with solhint:, and the ones that you can install from npm. The latter are packages that are prefixed with solhint-config-, so in this case the package would be installed doing npm install solhint-config-protofire but used as just protofire when adding it.

Creating your own shareable config

Shareable configs are regular npm packages. There are only two conditions:

For example, a very minimal index.js in this package could be:

module.exports = {
  rules: {
    'max-line-length': 80

After creating this package you can publish it to npm to make it available for everyone.