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This is an open source project for linting solidity code. This project provide both security and style guide validations.


You can install Solhint using npm:

npm install -g solhint

# verify that it was installed correctly
solhint -V


For linting Solidity files you need to run Solhint with one or more Globs as arguments. For example, to lint all files inside contracts directory, you can do:

solhint "contracts/**/*.sol"

To lint a single file:

solhint contracts/MyToken.sol

Solhint command description:

Usage: solhint [options] <file> [...other_files]

Linter for Solidity programming language


  -V, --version                              output the version number
  -f, --formatter [name]                     report formatter name (stylish, table, tap, unix)
  -w, --max-warnings [maxWarningsNumber]     number of warnings to trigger nonzero
  -q --quiet                                 report errors only - default: false
  --ignore-path [file_name]                  file to use as your .solhintignore
  -h, --help                                 output usage information


  stdin [options]         put source code to stdin of this utility
  init-config             create sample solhint config in current folder

You can use any of the following formatters supported by ESLint. See EsLint docs about formatters here.


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Solhint is free to use and open-sourced. If you value our effort and feel like helping us to keep pushing this tool forward, you can send us a small donation. We’ll highly appreciate it :)

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